Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whoa Nelly there Blog readers!!

Hey there all! I'll bet you're wondering what wagon i fell off! Since y'know i haven't been on here much lately. Well i tell you LIFE! Life my friends can be quite abrupt sometimes, and everything you knew gets turned on its head and you find your self dealing with a mother who has skin cancer and a father who somehow needs his gallbladder removed!! WHAT?? yeah, well short story of it all, mommy's doing fine, small surgery and her basal carcinoma is gone, few weeks later full body scan says she's fine and healthy. Thank you Lord for that one. and daddy, well he's a bit of a hypochondriac and blew it outta proportion.. it was just a gall stone and pretty much every person in there 50's and beyond has em, and most of the time pose no threat. besides, you don't need to get your organs removed because of that!! just use ultrasonagraphy it breaks apart instantly! easy peasy. now readers this is all in the month of October, well also at the end of September. But every one is healthy and can go back to their normal lives. But my sewing and other fun crafting and creation was put on hold for a bit to help heal the family. oh didn't i say, i'm a proponent for healthy living and juicing for life! Which funny enough when their lives were "potentially" at stake, they still refused to admit some of the things they do could be causing their problems. But hey enough about that. they are doing fine and they did finally start cutting down on the sugar. Hey every little step helps.

Ok on to the fun stuff!
When i had time i was doing my thing!! You know.. well here check out what i was up to.

Aside from gluing or stitching on the back pocket detail these jeans are pretty much ready. I had planned on gettting some silvery embroidery thread and doing accents around the front and back pockets but we'll see. 

Aside from that i hand dyed, designed, and sewed my own Halloween costume.

bodice top with red lining. 

Turmeric bath!! 

me as a bumble bee! hope to get better pics soon.

I used the Sew Retro Bombshell bodice top pattern for the top, it has no boning or waist stay as i didn't have much time. the skirt has 6 layers of ruffles and has a built in "stinger". I just basted the striped fabric to the bodice top as i have other plans for that baby. i was thinking of adding a LONG eyelet ruffle to the bottom and have a "peplum style" top. And if you have made this pattern you know that the bodice length pretty much goes to your NATURAL waist. so yeah, if its just the top you want gotta add some length :) i think mid drift tops were outta style in the 90's. Although things do come back in style. 

Ahh.. what else have i been working on??

Well if you remember back when i did the September 18, 2011 post, i described all my plans for the Fall Palette challenge. i, for myself have extended it to the end of the year and am having fun with it all. and if i don't finish everything on my list its ok. So yeah back to the post. i had mentioned the jeans refashion, and also the tee shirt refashion. well here are the silks i picked out for them..

i thought about making a dolman or batwing top. and having the sheer scarf in the back. mind you these will be spring/summery tops! and after making that bombshell bodice top i now know i really wanna use a fabric with some stretch! Just try gettin your bumble bee groove on in a corset! its hard to breathe. :)

Honestly i'm thinking of postponing the shirt refashion for a bit, as Christmas is right around the corner.. literally! and i've only got 1 gift finished! they're super cute feather/leather earrings. for the sister. she's usually pretty conservative, but sometimes the crazy comes out. these earrings are for then! 

Alright, i believe thats all for now. but i'll leave you with a treat. 

For your viewing pleasure and for your tummy's sake i've included an easy peasy recipe. 

Sweetbird oven baked french fries

Ingredients:  about 5-7 Red potatoes or 3-5 yukon gold 'taters
splash EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) enough to coat 'taters
spices of your choosing

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. wash 'taters, cut julienne style, put on bowl. splash enough evoo and seasonings of your choice and toss to coat 'taters,. spray baking sheet with nonstick spray. spread 'taters onto baking sheet. bake 45 - 60 mins tossing every 15-20 mins until golden brown. 

Yields: 5-7 'taters equals about 3-5 servings. these are really good. and the serving sizes are bigger when it comes to sweetbird french fries! A great after school snack. ENJOY!


  1. I really hope your parents are okay. Life can throw us a curve ball sometimes and it takes a while to get back into the swing of things after a shock like that.

    I love the silks you picked for your fall palette challenge. :)

  2. Yes mom and dad are doing fine. but for some reason they didn't even want to tell us what was going on. Most likely they didn't want to worry us. but i honestly feel that we work better together. how do they say.. United we stand, divided we fall. and that can be applied to lots of different things! and also thanks for the silky love!

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