Sunday, September 18, 2011

So I've been reviewing my color choices for this Fall Palette Challenge. I really liked my Original color palette, which you can check out on my Happy as a Lark post. I chose all those colors because most of them i already have either articles of clothing or accessories in those colors. So then I revised the palette which you can reference here. Honestly I don't like it. Well I do, but its Too safe for my taste. I really Love color and feel that since i'm too chicken at this point to express myself through body art, that i will do it through kaleidoscope colors!   

I am a Huge fan of Design Seeds. Thank you Shawnta over at Peace, Love, & Namaste for posting your love for it otherwise i would have never found this beauty!

Ok, So this is what I have plans for this fall. First on the list is the Maxi dress. Which i have already completed, save another roll under and hem on the bottom. I have a pattern for a peplum jacket by burda style. I also have the pattern for the obi skirt. and like the idea of having a separate belt!  Not to mention the photo above has an amazing use of color and print! Love it! Now the tee shirt and jeans will be a "refashion" meaning that I already have some jeans that, 
1. need hemming & tapering
2. need a little extra!
Which is why i added the above photo of these Laguna Beach jeans. Now these jeans are SO hot, I think. I love the back detail and all those crystals. Yes those are Swarovski Crystals. These jeans are also either $138 or $238 depending on the amount of crystals you have added. Here's the official web page if you absolutely love these jeans and must have them.

I on the other hand plan on replicating them. They seem fairly easy to add contrast stitching and back pocket detail. But with out all the crystals. I like the idea of studs but we'll see. 

As for the tee shirts. I saw these on burda style. I plan on also replicating these the easy way. Purchase a pack of men's V-neck tees in white or grey(sm) and then add a bit of silk. I already have an amazing silk scarf i thrift-ed for $1 that I plan on just hand stitching onto the front. Voila! instant pizzazz!

Which brings me to Thrifting! What an inexpensive alternative to fabric shopping. For just pennies on the dollar you can find clothes that can be refashioned or just plain stripped down to make something else entirely! Plus if you donate something its tax deductible, just make sure you get a receipt. 

I also plan on doing a bit of crochet as well. I already started some knee high yoga socks (with out toes & heels) and am going to add some flower embellishments to another tank top I started a while ago coined the Fly Back tank. I also would like to crochet my self a tam or slouchy beanie if you will. I have very long hair and would like to be able to stuff it all in there. 

Not to mention all the Christmas gifts I need to make. Lots of beanies, and maybe a Rugged Man vest for my Hubby bear. I thought about sewing for my family, especially my sister, but honestly she lives kind of far away and the last thing i made her (lined wristlet with snap button closure and embroidered her name) She never used :( so she gets a beanie. lol. 

So yes that should about wrap it up for now. glad i'm getting back to the true inspiration of COLOR and Thanks again Shawnta for introducing me to Design Seeds. 

How about you? what are you creating today? And have you ever thought of crafting for others? If so how did it work out? Do they love it, or never use it?

Happy creating, sweet melissa 

Fuchsia Tigers!!

Well the past week has been a roller coaster for me. What with the full moon and being sick in bed I haven't been able to get much accomplished. Well I can't say that truly, I did finally finish the maxi dress I started. It should have been a 2 hour project but turned into a 2 day project! Yeah, I followed the directions for the original pattern in my size. And it turned out to be WAY too big for me. So i had to rip out the seams on everything. The dress is a maxi dress as stated above and not only that but its made from some super stretchy fabric. I even had to seam rip the straps since i didn't sew them with the stretchy stitch. I thought being lazy and just stitching a straight stitch would work.. NO all it took was a little tug on the straps and SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! went the threads. which was fine since it made it easier to pull out all those tiny threads. Then after all that i was done. I put it away for the day. Then the next day i had to re-design the pattern so it would fit me. 
I moved the straps from the center bust to the outer corners of the Bra top to make it a true halter. which then made the bra top into this nice drape in the center. Then i tightened the back with elastic and zigzag stitched everything. It looks much nicer this way. I wore it for our BBQ yesterday and was kind of tripping on the hem which is a bit too long still, and will also reinforce the halter straps. But other than that if fits and is very comfy!
I even left a small slit up the side for better move-ability. 

Just imagine i'm in a forest! Cinched back with elastic. 
notice the cowl like front. I do like the drape it reminds me of 50's & 60's glamour. Now this is before i hemmed the bottom, so its Very long. and i'm wearing sweatpants underneath. I was freezing from being sick.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Autumn Inspiration!

Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes?!

Yes its true. 
And yes those Are tiny pumpkin pies as a garnish! 

Pumpkin Pie is a Favorite of mine to Eat and Bake!! Never thought about using it in a milkshake! 
As its been chilly in the morning in to the 60's and then hot during the day mid 90's  So I think this would be the perfect balance and a wonderful intro to Autumn!

I found this randomly today and although she used the lovely Paula Deen's recipe I was diggin Bobby Flay's take on the traditional Pumpkin Pie.. 

Bobby Flay's Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Crunch and Bourbon-Maple Whipped Cream

C'mon who doesn't love a little bourbon with their pumpkin pie!! Miss Oona raises her hand :) I mean especially as a whipped topping!! and just think this blended up as a milk shake.. She uses (for one serving milkshake) 1 slice pumpkin pie, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream, and 1 - 1 1/2 cups milk. Blend and serve!!! 

As soon as I whip this up i'll be sure to let you know!! 
Until then,
 Warm wishes into this new season!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Revised Autumn Palette

So this is my revised Autumn palette. I went ahead and omitted colors and patterns for the things i already had and stuck with the colors that i want to incorporate into my new look. Looks pretty basic.. but i might add another color for a bigger punch!

I got the pattern for this Peplum Jacket today. 

I thought it would be nice in this. I like the light blue and greys in this print. 

This is the Kasia skirt from burda style. its a free pattern! 
I like this in a grey denim, or similar Fabric in Grey the light blueish grey not the dirty look grey. I think it would pair very nicely with the jacket fabric i picked out. 

AH but i still need to purchase said fabrics and all other essential materials including thread and buttons! 

Well that takes care of the light blue and grey.

 The dark blue is the Bombshell dress I'm making. although this photo is terrible at showing off the "true" color of this fabric. are those tiny angels? tee hee!

The last two colors are khaki and green.

I thought about incorporating those colors into this. The Obi Apron. another free pattern!!

 This image is from this burda style member. What an inspiration! I find lots of inspiration on burda. 

But I'd like to convert the apron into a skirt like this.. there's also free tutorials online as to how to do this. 

BUT again i need to go fabric shopping. My whole fall palette could change drastically and i could end up doing something totally different. it all depends on what happens at the fabric store!! 
We shall see and i'll keep you updated!

What are you making today?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magnetic Magic!

How to Make a Magnetic Pin Tray


Metal lid. Magnets  And pins of course. 

This is how I did it ~

Extra magnets we had from a party.

I attached them to the Top of the lid. like so..

Flip it over so that the lid is resting on top of the magnets. 

then put pins into the lid. they will naturally "stick" to the lid since there are magnets attracting the metal. 

Hope you find this useful. I like recycling things to make new better uses for them.

Why Buy when I can DIY!!

Have a fun weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy as a Lark!

Excited to have a challenge ahead of me. been brainstorming all day. here is my color palette. 

 This is my first week. I hope to have patterns and materials for at least one project by next week Friday. But for now this is what I've been up to..

Hurricane survival pillows. perfect size for travel. made from Egyptian cotton pillowcase, cotton lining, batting from "flat" pillow. sewn with love. 

This was my fortune today. just what I needed to hear. Thank you God for reassuring me..

Side note: I actually do have a buttonhole foot, but for some reason it just wasn't happening, so i just zigzag one in there.. they're suppose to look that way - eclectic. 

And last but certainly not least the muslin bodice for my black and blue bomb. washing the fashion fabrics tomorrow. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend. We're celebrating with Shrimp Po'r boys and hush puppies. Beach food my favorite. This is the weather forecast for our weekend on the island.. 

This is the expected precipitation forecast for Tropical Depression 13. Finally some relief from the blazing heat.
Well I believe that's it for now I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I know I will!

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Are you sewing anything fun for Autumn?

Its never too early to think about Christmas gifts.. Make something from your heart this year!