Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fuchsia Tigers!!

Well the past week has been a roller coaster for me. What with the full moon and being sick in bed I haven't been able to get much accomplished. Well I can't say that truly, I did finally finish the maxi dress I started. It should have been a 2 hour project but turned into a 2 day project! Yeah, I followed the directions for the original pattern in my size. And it turned out to be WAY too big for me. So i had to rip out the seams on everything. The dress is a maxi dress as stated above and not only that but its made from some super stretchy fabric. I even had to seam rip the straps since i didn't sew them with the stretchy stitch. I thought being lazy and just stitching a straight stitch would work.. NO all it took was a little tug on the straps and SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! went the threads. which was fine since it made it easier to pull out all those tiny threads. Then after all that i was done. I put it away for the day. Then the next day i had to re-design the pattern so it would fit me. 
I moved the straps from the center bust to the outer corners of the Bra top to make it a true halter. which then made the bra top into this nice drape in the center. Then i tightened the back with elastic and zigzag stitched everything. It looks much nicer this way. I wore it for our BBQ yesterday and was kind of tripping on the hem which is a bit too long still, and will also reinforce the halter straps. But other than that if fits and is very comfy!
I even left a small slit up the side for better move-ability. 

Just imagine i'm in a forest! Cinched back with elastic. 
notice the cowl like front. I do like the drape it reminds me of 50's & 60's glamour. Now this is before i hemmed the bottom, so its Very long. and i'm wearing sweatpants underneath. I was freezing from being sick.


  1. yeeey for halter maxi dresses :)
    a girl can never have too much of those

  2. yes!! Now just waiting for summer weather :)