Sunday, December 4, 2011


So upon going to yonder Grocer, I find that all the delicious goodness I had originally chosen to use as preserved treats are all out of season!! I thought at least there would be pumpkins!! Maybe I'll have to try a different Grocer. I did notice however that there is an UNREAL deal on Kiwi's. With 6 kiwi's in each package, they were 10 for $10!! I'm sure I saw a recipe for some delicious kiwi goodness.. I'll have to look again. I did however get some delicious tamari seasoned pumpkin seeds and some Black Tea for work. I try not to drink too much coffee as it makes my already anxious tummy even more so. EVEN though I love everything about coffee - from berry to green bean to roasted goodness. I even had the delightful opportunity to roast some myself! 

But that was in another life long past. Well I should get to searching out a recipe for either kiwi or pineapples. Have a wonderful day, hopefully with out any Thwarting!!


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