Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can my Dreams Come TRUE?

So I gotta know.. Is it possible for me to see my dreams and goals come true so soon? My goal.. for now :) is to make and sell the items i make. But what i was wondering is if all or most of you readers are doing your passion, or do you also need to have a 9-5er? Can your passion for example, sewing, crafting, designing etc. does it pay the bills? Please i don't mean to intrude and ask personal questions but most of you that i read your blogs, you seem to be so happy where you are, or it seems to be a huge part of your life, that i only wondered if it was also your job. curiosity enlivens the kitty!

may all your dreams come true


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  1. I stay at home with my baby and fit in sewing when I can. My husband is in law school so we're just poor. I do work part-time doing online work from home but it's only a couple hours a week.
    Before I had my baby, I worked as a seamstress during the day, and sewed stuff for myself at night. I just sewed all the time.
    My dream job would to be a mom and make money from my blog, but who knows if that'll ever happen.