Monday, November 28, 2011

Here you go Santa, My Christmas wish list!!

Well peeps, here it is, my Christmas wish list. There's only one thing on it for me. and its pretty much all I could need other than some materials for my business venture :)

Minnetonka 5 Layer Fringe Boot Black Suede

This is it. All I ask for for myself. Oh wait, just a few more things.. Lately having good quality makeup has been very important. I mean if I eat organic, why am I not letting my skin have organic?? which leads me to 
Whoa! Even the packaging looks like it grew outta mother nature's bosom. Meet Physicians Formula 

Organic Wear 100% Natural Lash Boosting Mascara

Now there's another 100% natural mascara that's not lash boosting, but honestly I haven't met a woman who didn't want plump long lashes. And this stuff is awesome, you can read all about it here. and then I accidently clicked on this..
Specially designed for sensitive eyes this puppy even has a built in sharpener cap and antimicrobial smudger!!

Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Compact, Mirror & Brush 

So these are sold separately, which is kind of cool because they are refillable, and or recyclable. You can use either bronzer or face powder. Now ladies and gents, that's it on the make up. That's all I wear, and I thank the good Lord above for allowing me to have a great complexion. 

 Other things I ask for will be solely for business purposes. That list is from who has some of the best prices for jersey knit that I've been able to find. 
A lovely stretch jersey material with silver glitter dots. 
Another of the same this time in slate.
this one is for a tee or loungy pants for the hubbie. shh don't tell :) its really in homage to his, well our favorite show Psych.
There is almost always a pineapple of some sorts in each episode.. HA!! One episode Shawn (the guy in the blue shirt) was trying to bake pineapple upside down cakes in an easy bake oven! Funny enough, they always tasted like, well not good.

There's also a stretchy black sparkly/shimmery jersey fabric in there too, but for some reason the pic they have up on the website doesn't show it in the glory it should. 
Then they show me this sensual coral!
I know its just a plain jane jersey knit, but that color reminds me of lazy days on the beach with an ice cold brewski in one hand and a string attached to a kite in the other. 
Ahh bliss! 

Now I'm not picky (as she says with a smirk) I like all kinds of gifts, especially ones made/or thought of from the heart. 

What's on your Christmas List this year? More importantly what's on your Christmas List to GIVE this year?

Warm beachy breezes and golden rays of sunshine


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